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haha, oh my god, like, JUST TO BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT WE’RE LOOKING AT HERE, for anyone who might not know, jewish voice for peace is in fact a pro-palestine organization! it’s pro-BDS! it’s concerned about misuse of charges of antisemitism to stifle debate! it wants to end the occupation! like, re: the question in one of these comments, “is killing palestinians a hate crime?” ALMOST CERTAINLY WHOEVER POSTED THIS STATUS ON THE JVP FB PAGE WOULD SAY YES!!! 

so like, these are your quote-unquote “good jews,” is what i’m saying here, ok, these are the ones you fucking awful so-called progressives like to tokenize and pretend to understand and care about, but you still don’t fucking listen to them except when it’s convenient, except when they’re saying exactly what you want to hear; you still speak over them and accuse them of making shit up for attention and like, literally what the fuck do you WANT, what has to HAPPEN for you to realize that not everything is about israel, that we’re not always the oppressors, that in many (most!!!) circumstances we’re still an incredibly vulnerable marginalized group, like, literally what does it take?

here is what happened in kansas city yesterday: an admitted long-time antisemite shot up two jewish facilities on the eve of a major jewish holiday and then shouted “heil hitler” on camera as he was being arrested, and yet somehow it’s maybe not a hate crime, somehow this is about gun control and about mental illness and about the fact that white men are never demonized as terrorists the way POC are, it’s about gaza and it’s about the IDF and it’s about the dumbass idea that use of the term antisemitism is in fact itself oppressive, it’s about the evils of organized religion in general and it’s about EVERYTHING IN THE GODDAMN WORLD EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT, GUESS WHAT, A LOT OF PEOPLE STILL FUCKING HATE JEWS AND YOU ALL DON’T CARE, and just, like, what do you even fucking WANT? i don’t know. i really don’t.


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I think my Women and Gender in Contemporary Europe class should be renamed Horrible and Horrific Things European Men did to European Women that Will Make You Projectile Vomit Everywhere and then Cry. But that title would be too long.

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Women feel more guilt than men, not because of some weird chromosomal issue but because they have a history of being blamed for other people’s behavior. You get hit, you must have annoyed someone; you get raped, you must have excited someone; your kid is a junkie, you must have brought him up wrong.
Guilt Poisons Women by Germaine Greer (via mymangotree)
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Quinta da Aveleda, Portugal. From Alicornio and Karl Gercens.

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My first hysterectomy as a resident was on a 16-year-old who had an illegal abortion. Her pelvis was nothing but pus. That’s the sort of thing we saw all the time. I admitted about two or three women like this every night. That’s what we’re headed towards now. We’re heading back to those days. Because of the restrictions lawmakers impose, women will seek abortions illegally, and we’re going to see a rise in septic abortions.
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Creative sets by Christian Hopkins

The right sort of unsettling and gorgeous.

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